Patient Testimonials in Colorado Springs, CO

Continuing to live pain free! I was a true nonbeliever in Chiropractic care until I met Dr. Whidden. He explained the Chiropractic approach to healthcare and made me feel very comfortable. I used to suffer from numbness and tingling down my arm and into my hand. I have had no numbness and tingling for the past 6 months and I have never felt better. It is wonderful to get up in the morning with no pain. I have continued maintenance/wellness care at Complete Chiropractic so I can continue to live pain free! Thank you Dr. Whidden - J.R. Spencer
Able to return to my active lifestyle! Through the aggressive treatment plan and physical therapy that was administered by Dr. Whidden I was able to return to my active lifestyle. Before my visits with Dr. Whidden began, I was in constant pain from severe sciatica. I had been to several other specialists with no success and was basically medicating my pain. Dr. Whidden's personal approach and technique are amazingly effective. They have enabled me to return to the quality of life I had enjoyed before. Thank you Dr. Whidden and Sabrina - Gilbert G.
My first appointment with Dr. Whidden was over 5 years ago, when I had sciatica during pregnancy. He handled my problem easily. In addition to being a very competent chiropractor, I found him honest and non-salesy--which matters a lot to me. This year, I had a random problem with my vestibular center (look it up..."untreatable" dizziness). After making sure it wasn't something serious, I came to Dr. Whidden. Although the medical physicians I had worked with had viewed my condition as an untreatable mystery, Dr. Whidden was familiar with the issues I was having. He went about adjusting my neck and my ear (yes, you read that right- my EAR) and over the course of a few sessions, my so-called untreatable "sea legs" are gone.

Dr. Whidden has earned my trust, along with my gratitude. I refer my clients, friends and family to him often. I highly recommend Complete Chiropractic! - Jennifer D.
I've always been a skeptic of chiropractors, honestly thought it was "quack" medicine. Dr Whidden quickly made me a believer. He was able to identify and fix an issue I've been having for 20yrs that multiple doctors couldn't figure out. When I first started going my back was in constant pain, after about 3 adjustments I've been pain free. Even referred a coworker who raves about him as well. Highly recommend Dr Whidden and his staff. - Dave J.
Dr. James Whidden and staff do an amazing job. I had to plan a quick appointment after an airline flight. The staff was very professional and made several arrangements for me to see Dr. Whidden during my stay in Colorado Springs. After several adjustments, the massage therapist took over and completed my care. What an amazing difference! Thank you Dr. Whidden & team!!! What you do on a daily basis makes a difference in the way we feel! - Much appreciated - Dean H.
When I moved to Colorado Springs, Dr. Whidden has been helping me with my back problems especially after I had my accident. - Chris T.
Doctor Whidden is FABULOUS! He treats our whole family! Olivia is a GREAT massage therapist! - Paula G.
Dr. Whidden is awesome! The office is clean, modern and friendly. I could lay on the roller table all day long if they would let me. :) Scans of my back were done on my first visit showing where my main issues were. My adjustments are always amazing. My insurance benefits were explained clearly and always handled without issue. I have increased flexibility and less back/neck pain. And I LOVE the appointment reminders via text - no extra texts about advertising, etc... just reminders of my appt the day before. - Kt S.
Dr Whidden has literally changed our lives! He is amazing, as is his staff! - Virginia S.
I don't know what I would do without the help I get from Dr. Whidden and his massage therapist, Jean. They are wonderful! - Diane L.